Create Sub Controller and Sub Model in Laravel

You have controller folder below:
---- folder1
In Route:
Route::get('/', 'Home\HomeController@index');
In HomeController.php have to write in header of file:
namespace folder1;
use BaseController;
namespace folder1; 
use BaseController;
class HomeController extends BaseController {
 ... )
 And if you call a model in this controller you must use '/' before model name. 
For example we have a model is Menu, we'll call: 
$menu = \Menu::all();
To finish, in cmd you go to the laravel project and type:
php composer dump-autoload
php composer.phar dump-autoload (if composer not found)
(You don't have to change composer.json and global.php) 

2. Sub Model
as same sub controller but you must have:
namespace name_of_sub_model;
use Eloquent;
use DB; //If you want to use query builder 
So easy!

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